AI solutions are as varied as their use cases and require outcome-focused oversight. Like any technology deployment, an AI solution must solve a specific business problem.

You not only need to frame the business problem accurately but also understand the different types of AI technologies that are available and how to choose the optimal solution.

Once you’ve implemented it, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it matter; you have to determine how you’ll measure the success of the technology using the “before AI” and “after AI” metrics that matter most to your organization. On top of that, someone has to manage the AI solution on an ongoing basis. 
With so many pivotal considerations to make, it’s crucial for organizations to do ample research before they buy.

In this Special Report on ‘Choosing an AI Partner,’ you’ll learn:

  • What types of AI solutions are available and their optimal use cases
  • 5 key business outcomes you can achieve with an AI solution
  • 3 important pre- and post-purchase considerations to align the technology with your organization’s mission
  • Implementation - who should use and manage the AI solution?
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